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Welcome to our growing research database where we highlight a small selection of the published literature pertaining to the sciences of nutrition and nutrigenomics. Some papers are purely technical in nature, whereas others are more focused on clinical applications of the principles of nutrigenomics.  

For most of the papers we have selected, the full version is available free online; however, there are some exceptions for which the publisher’s copyright prevents us from providing the complete pdf file.

Rosa Casas, Sara Castro-Barquero, Ramon Estruch, and Emilio Sacanella

2018 – ABSTRACT: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in Western countries, representing almost 30% of all deaths worldwide. Evidence shows the effectiveness of healthy dietary patterns and lifestyles for the

Anna Boss, Chi Hsiu-Juei Kao, Pamela M. Murray, Gareth Marlow, Matthew P. G. Barnett and Lynnette R. Ferguson

2016- ABSTRACT: Olive leaf extract (OLE) has been used for many years for its putative health benefits, but, to date, scientific evidence for the basis of these effects has been weak. Although recent literature has described a link between ailments

Laura Bordoni, Irene Petracci, Fanrui Zhao, Weihong Min, Elisa Pierella,Taís Silveira Assmann,J Alfredo Martinez and Rosita Gabbianelli

2021- ABSTRACT: Dietary lipids have a major role in nutrition, not only for their fuel value, but also as essential and bioactive nutrients. This narrative review aims to describe the current evidence on nutrigenomic effects of dietary lipids.